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My Dog’s Phone Sex Bitch

Before you take another step into my phone sex room of pain and humiliation, I want you to take off your clothes.  Get down on your knees.  Now crawl to me.  I normally like to have you as my little bitch, but tonight I’m not in the mood.  To be … Full Young Phone Sex Story

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Neighbor’s Son Phone Sex

Now that I mostly have to take care of my own house now, I’m usually pretty busy once the weekend comes around.  I have a lot of chores to do but I usually can’t take my mind off of all the phone sex fun I’d rather be having!  I realized I had … Full Young Phone Sex Story

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Phone Sex Fuck Face

Welcome back my pathetic little phone sex bitch.  I see you are back and ready for some more unpredictable, painful naughty time with your favorite hardcore mistress.  I have to say, you’re still the same pathetic piece of meat of a man you were be… Full Young Phone Sex Story

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The Phone Sex Team Meeting

Today was a pretty busy day at work.  Most of us spent the entire day running around trying to catch up on paperwork, so it was a relief when my boss called us all into a conference room for a team meeting.  The meeting was over pretty quickly but it… Full Young Phone Sex Story

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Summer School Whore Phone Sex

I am a hot phone sex school girl and I have lots of fun with my teachers. I didn’t do too well last year and now I am making up for it with summer school. I have been trying to do better but I’d rather flirt with all the boys, lucky for me… Full Young Phone Sex Story

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